versiondog - Data management for automation

How often have you asked these questions..?

  • Where do I find the latest version of the control program for this automation device?
  • When was the last backup performed?
  • Who has made changes and which changes did they make?
  • What was changed and why was it changed?
  • Why is the online version different from the latest released version on the server?


  • Integrated documentation
  • Data organised with 100% clarity and traceability
  • Complete change history
  • Audit trail reports at the click of a button

Version control

  • Standardised management of all changes to control programs
  • Analysis and traceability of changes using graphical, tabular or text-based version comparisons
  • Changes displayed clearly and comprehensibly
  • Fast disaster recovery

Automatic backup

  • Fully safeguarded data
  • Significant time savings
  • Regular automatic online-offline comparisons
  • Configurable alarm for when discrepancies are found
  • Mobile BackupClient enables use of the same backup strategy for both networked and non-networked equipment

More certainty, safety and security

  • Identify unauthorised program changes immediately
  • Generate change records quickly and easily (for audits, etc.)
  • Quickly find the right data needed for disaster recovery
  • Simplify coordination and management of external contractors
  • Coordinate personnel through user and access management

Increased quality

  • Track changes to all control programs and data in use in production and quickly see why they were made (from the current version all the way back to the first version)
  • Quickly find and restore a previous, error-free version
  • Smooth and optimise your daily workflow
  • Reduce wastage by closely monitoring quality-relevant setpoints and parameters

Reduced costs

  • Cut the duration of downtime or avoid it altogether
  • Reduce lost production and wastage
  • Improve efficiency when commissioning new production lines
  • Save time due to automated backups, documentation and accelerated troubleshooting



With versiondog SmartCompare it only takes a few clicks to get a detailed comparison of any two versions, and an easy-to-understand analysis of differences. It can even display the results of a comparison graphically in the same familiar way as the editor that you use for the project.

>>> Supported devices and editors

Automatic backup

versiondog not only runs regular automated backups, it can even make detailed comparisons between the online program and the offline project. That means you can be certain that your automated device programs are current and correct. You always know exactly what version is running in production, and setpoints and parameters can be checked and restored if necessary at any time.

>>> Supported devices and editors

Quality management

Make versiondog the cornerstone of your quality management system and ensure that your documentation always meets certification standards such as GxP, FDA 21 CFR 11, VDA 6.x and ISO 900x. Project data for all versions is stored centrally and available at any time, and full annotation means that all changes are quickly and easily comprehensible.

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More about the versiondog data management solution

Device and editor support

Get an overview of versiondog support for automation devices and development environments.


Seminars & training courses

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More information

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versiondog - Industries

Automotive industry

- Fast disaster recovery

- Internet of Things, Industry 4.0

- Audit trails according to GxP and VDA 6.x

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Pharmaceutical & chemical industries

- Long-term archiving of production data

- Audit trails according to FDA 21 CFR 11 and GxP

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Production line engineers

- Comprehensive version overview

- Program block standardisation

- Lifecycle management

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Food & beverage industry

- Increase in production quality

- Proof of quality at the click of a button

- Audit trails according to FDA 21 CFR 11 and GxP

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Utilities & critical infrastructure

- Safeguard automated facilities

- Safety and security for maintenance

- Reduced outage time

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Oil & gas industry

- Automatic backup

- Fast disaster recovery

- ISDS/ISQM support

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