How often have you asked these questions..?


...where do I find the latest version of my device´s control software?

...when was the last backup performed?

...who made which changes?

...what was changed and why was it changed?

...why is the online version different from the latest released version on the server?


The data management system versiondog gives you clear answers:

due to precise Change Management,Version Controland automated device backup of software versions of your automation control programs


- Integrated support for documentation
- Data organised with 100% clarity and
- Change history saved automatically
- Audit trail reports at the click of a button
- No need for manual change notes

Version control

- Consistent management of all software
- Difference analysis via SmartCompare and
  free compare
- Simplified troubleshooting
- Changes displayed clearly and comprehensibly
- Fast disaster recovery

Automatic backup

- Data safekeeping and time savings with
  automated backup
- Automated online - offline comparison
- Alarm where discrepancies found
- Automated backup of nonnetworked
  equipment via mobile backup client

versiondog safeguards, backs up, stores, manages and versions project data, device data and process data from programmable industrial devices (PLCs, CNCs, SCADA systems, HMIs and drives) and documents. This allows users to identify and track all (program) changes.

Users also benefit from a single, plant-wide solution that maximises plant availability, minimises downtime and enables fast disaster recovery. The versiondog system provides the complete package of change management, version control and data backup.

With its manufacturer-independent nature, versiondog ensures the widest range of support for automation systems available on the market. By developing interfaces for new devices and integrating new versions of devices that are already supported, versiondog is constantly improving its device integration.

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