Where are companies on their way to IIoT?

The results of the recent AUVESY online questionnaire concerning the realisation of the IIoT have clearly shown that the majority of companies (68%) do not, as of yet, have a concept in place for implementing a smart factory.

While 68% of companies are investing resources into IIoT (budget, staff, expertise), only 40% of those companies' systems (machines, logistics, resources) run autonomously.

Nonetheless, almost all companies (95%) who participated in the online questionnaire are seeing a distinct increase in the level of automation. Many companies located in German-speaking areas (75%) have already succeeded in fulfilling the necessary requirements for implementing IIoT and have already constructed a high-power IT infrastructure. This figure stands in stark contrast to that of other companies worldwide (40%).

This could be a reason as to why 74% of companies located in German-speaking areas and only 33% of international companies have implemented methods to facilitate digital teamwork and the exchange of information. Indeed, more than 60% of production systems and business processes are linked together.

Finally, the questionnaire also found that­ mobile devices play no important role in the day to day activities and production processes at 67% of all companies.

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