Up to the Sky - the AUVESY summer party

“Only those who know the port of destination, will use the right sail.”  This also applies to the course taken by AUVESY for its future – so our summer party, where all the employees and their family joined to party together, followed this motto.

AUVESY’s philosophy is not only to party together, but also to make decisions together. For this reason, CEO Dr. Tim Weckerle invited all employees and their families and friends to vote for the new logo corresponding to our newly developped slogan „We simplify automation“.

The AUVESY team had designed a few weeks beforehand four logo concepts to choose from – the winner was decided cooperatively. Soon thereafter, we released a flock of 150 AUVESY balloons towards the azure blue sky, soon to be found by people living near our headquarters.


Numerous lucky finders took part in our summer campaign and took a photo of themselves with a balloon or the attached card. Within the last two weeks, quite a few nice photos have reached us and can be seen on our Facebook-page

There was naturally something to win: three gift baskets from the store “Annas Landpartie” were drawn in the raffle.

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