Training courses on data management in automation

The versiondog software is in a constant state of development, as is essential in order to continue to provide cutting-edge data management support across the board of industry.

AUVESY offers tailored ongoing training for both users and administrators with the objective of keeping up with changes in data management for automated production and continuing to get the best out of the versiondog system. The training focusses strongly on how to make your day-to-day workflow as smooth and efficient as possible. Both ongoing and initial training deals with important questions, such as:

• How is the versiondog software best used to increase effectiveness and efficiency in        maintenance?

• How are versions created and documented?

• How are backups configured and executed?

• How is the versiondog software administrated and how is additional functionality accessed?

These and many other questions about data management with versiondog are answered in seminars specifically designed for new users, existing users and administrators. Besides benefiting maintenance, planning and automation IT staff who work directly with versiondog, the training can also greatly assist a wider circle of personnel, ranging from those involved in quality assurance to Industry 4.0 experts.

On completion of each seminar, the participants receive certificates that can be presented to auditors as CIP (Continual Improvement Process) documentation.

If you would like more details on the current AUVESY Academy seminar program, please contact us.

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