TechTip: versiondog Gateways

versiondog gateways enable communication between two incompatible networks (as in case 1) or between two compatible networks that are kept separate due to security reasons (as in case 2).

A gateway ensures uninterrupted data exchange between the versiondog server, the versiondog client, and the devices, systems etc. managed by versiondog, making costly network modifications unnecessary.


Case 1: Different network protocols - Standard Gateway:

The versiondog server is usually installed in the office network and is connected via ethernet. If the device that you wish to backup is in a PROFIBUS network, for example, the versiondog Gateway enables data to be easily transferred across the network boundary.


Case 2: Separate network - CSC gateway:

For security reasons, production and office networks are often kept separate from each other. If a user also wants to install the UserClient on an HMI or a on PC in a production network, so that they are able to work on-site, the CSC gateway helps to save on costly network modifications that would otherwise be incurred due to the need to set up firewalls. The CSC gateway only allows data through that is relevant to versiondog, therefore no security loophole is created. The CSC gateway enables data exchange in both directions regardless of whether the UserClient is installed in an office PC or on the server in the production network.

You can find more information about the versiondog Gateway and CSC gateway in versiondog INFO.

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