AUVESY releases versiondog 6.5.1

versiondog 6.5.1 is now available for all customers.

This release will simplify the implementation of Wonderware System Platform.

The main enhancements are:

  • Automatic object export from a Galaxy
  • Automatic export of a complete Galaxy


Errors, that may occur when either TIA V13 SP1 or TIA V14 SP1 is installed, have been resolved for versiondog 6.5.1.


You can find more information about versiondog 6.5, including all updates in versiondog 6.5.1, by going to versiondog INFO, "About versiondog". In addition to this, you can find out more by taking a look at our quick video-demo "What's new in 6.5". 

If you have any technical questions, our support team will be delighted to help. (Tel.: +49 6341 6810 330).


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