New test documentation available for GxP customers

Global User Requirements test documentation available for versiondog 6.0

AUVESY continues to provide valuable support for versiondog customers working in regulated sectors. From now on, with each new release of versiondog, customers using the versiondog GxP Edition will benefit from updated test documentation. Thanks to the new Global User Requirements (GUR) test documentation the validation process for carrying out a versiondog update or new installation will be made substantially easier.

The new GUR text documentation contains all the necessary Global User Requirement test steps, including screenshots carried out by the AUVESY test department.

This is part of our strategy to help to reduce the effort involved in validating versiondog 6.0 and makes the process much easier for users. For new releases in the future, test documentation will be made available shortly after the rollout.

All GxP versiondog customers can access the new GUR text documentation by logging in to my versiondog on the AUVESY website.


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