More cybersecurity with versiondog

Immediately detecting and checking changes to industrial control systems is an important tool in helping to provide early warning of cyberattacks. As versiondog automatically monitors software versions of automation equipment, non-documented changes to program code can be spotted and examined. If access was unauthorised, you will know without delay.

The aim of a "honeypot scenario" is to detect a cyberattack or the preparatory activity for a cyberattack at an early stage. Placing a dummy switch in the industrial network can create an attractive target, hence an ideal honeypot. Using versiondog to monitor the switch for unauthorised changes and automatically raise the alarm if it finds one completes the picture. Early warning means damage and losses are prevented. That makes versiondog a valuable part of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

See this honeypot scenario in action in the new versiondog video:

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In the latest issue the German magazine cav also tells about this topic and shows how to use cyberattacks to increase security.

The complete article can be found online in the section "technical articles"...

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