More usability when integrating KUKA projects

versiondog supports the management of KUKA KR C4 robot projects. From versiondog 7.0 onward, this solution is available for version creation, compare, and backup. The solution is completely integrated and does not require any additional software or the purchase of the versiondog Scripting package.

What´s new in versiondog 7.0?
KUKA projects are very easy to set up and can be configured for all KUKA KR C4 users irrespective of their workflows.

Now all file formats (generated through the workflow) are available in one KUKA KR C4 project and are supported. Archive (*.ZIP) can be generated manually and secured with versiondog. Automatic backups can be set up in the KUKA integrated backup manager (*.ASZ). Comparisons require the KUKA workvisual5 editor freeware. To ensure that the backup routine functions as it was configured, versiondog checks the time stamp of the backup that was created for the project.

From versiondog 7.0 onwards, straightforward data management for all KUKA KR C4 devices is available without additional costs.

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