Best Practice: Using software to refine the process of steel manufacture

The data management and version control software, versiondog, has become a proven and effective means of combating both downtime and increasing production costs at Tata Steel in the Netherlands.

versiondog centralises project and device data and provides end-to-end change management. Since its implementation, maintenance staff at Tata Steel always know exactly who, what, where, when, and why changes to device control programs were made. Centralised data storage also means that staff members always know where exactly the data is located. And if a change still doesn't produce the desired result, the previous version can be quickly restored to the device.

Hassan El Haddad, technical automation specialist at Tata Steel, emphasises one very important advantage: "With versiondog, we always know the current status of our production plants. The software gives us end-to-end clarity, makes our work easier, and saves us time. You can't get better quality than that!"

The field of application of the software at Tata Steel is very diverse: Backups, plant monitoring, information for planners and engineers – the AUVESY software is even involved in data management for the production plant power supplies. The maintenance technicians explain: "The more we know about our machinery, the better we are able to maintain it. What's more, we have more data available for analysis, and we can use that to improve our processes. That's what the Industrial Internet of Things is going to be about, but for us it is here today."


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