AUVESY recognises 10 years of dedicated service

Members of the AUVESY team since 2008

It has been 10 years since Thomas Hörauf and Dominik Pfundstein both joined AUVESY. Today AUVESY recognises them for their hard work and dedication.

Thomas Hörauf, a qualified engineer specialising in automation, has worked at AUVESY since 2008. He has over 22 years of experience in sales and in building distribution networks. A long-term shareholder, he is responsible for channel management and global accounts.

Dominik Pfundstein started his career in commercial banking. Then he decided to retrain and earned a second degree, specialising in commercial IT systems. In 2008, he began his career at AUVESY and has since then has become a valuable point of contact for customers. As the Fire Chief of Völkersweiler Voluntary Fire Services he knows well the importance of being able to respond to any situation, and how to find a quick and effective solution in case of an emergency.  Moving forward, Dominik Pfundstein is now applying his years of experience to advancing projects as a member of the Project Management Team.

Dr. Tim Weckerle, CEO at AUVESY, congratulates Thomas Hörauf and Dominik Pfundstein and thanks them—on behalf of the team at AUVESY—for their ongoing dedication, service and loyalty.

From left: Dominik Pfundstein, Dr. Tim Weckerle and Thomas Hörauf

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