AUVESY is mindful of its social responsibility

Living up to its corporate social responsibility should be an important part of any company's culture, including medium-sized enterprises such as AUVESY. At AUVESY, we do not want to be judged solely on our economic success, but also on how conscious our actions are of our greater responsibilities. Helping people and animals who urgently need help is something that we as a company feel the need and duty to do. Since 2008, we have been donating to a range of charitable organisations.

This year, we have decided to publish the list of recipients in the hope that doing so might provide further impetus to others to remain mindful of those less fortunate.

AUVESY donated a total of € 14,000 EURO to the following organisations in 2018 :

  • Greifvogelwarte Hassloch
  • Feuerwehr Landau
  • Haus der Familie Landau
  • Kinder- und Jugenddorf Mara-Regina
  • Die Terrine Landau
  • Schüler für Tiere Herxheim
  • Lebenshilfe Landau
  • Jugend forscht
  • Jugendtreff Landau
  • Frauenhaus Landau

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