AUVESY announces new cooperation with Drive Snapshot

New in versiondog 7.0: AUVESY Image Service – a fully integrated image solution!

AUVESY is proud to announce its new cooperation with Drive Snapshot. This will bring versiondog users great benefits, especially with regard to real time image creation. As such, it will be a worthwhile addition to AUVESY's service and product portfolio.

AUVESY will be using Drive Snapshot technology in order to provide its own AUVESY Image Service from versiondog 7.0 onwards. versiondog customers will no longer have to spend time setting up a separate image solution.

Drive Snapshot can be used to create exact copies of a hard drive or a Windows System partition. Images contain important data that can be used to quickly restore a volume in the event that problems arise. Images are stored, managed and versioned centrally on the versiondog server.

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