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The honeypot scenario: Switch integration

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versiondog - Industries

Automotive industry

- Fast disaster recovery

- Industrial IoT

- Audit trails according to GxP and VDA 6.x

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Pharmaceutical & chemical industries

- Long-term archiving of production data

- Audit trails according to FDA 21 CFR 11 and GxP

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Production line engineers

- Comprehensive version overview

- Program block standardisation

- Lifecycle management

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Food & beverage industry

- Increase in production quality

- Proof of quality at the click of a button

- Audit trails according to FDA 21 CFR 11 and GxP

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Utilities & critical infrastructure

- Safeguard automated facilities

- Safety and security for maintenance

- Reduced outage time

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Oil & gas industry

- Automatic backup

- Fast disaster recovery

- ISDS/ISQM support

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