versiondog - Data management for the food & beverage industry


The multitude of regulations that need to be adhered to in the production of food and beverages represent a considerable challenge. The highest level of product and production process quality must be achieved in accordance with the standards set by bodies such as the FDA. As a single, central data management system, verisondog provides—for the entire production facility, and at the click of a button—a safeguard for your data, proof of quality, project documentation and change management.



Why do so many companies in your industry use versiondog?

End-to-end documentation of all manufacturing process

Certainty that recipes can neither be accessed without authorisation nor tampered with

FDA 21 CRF 11 support

Documentation for audits

Increased security and less downtime

versiondog for the food & beverage industry

versiondog key features

Practical benefits

Audit trail – complete documentation of control program changes

  • Save time due to standardised documentation
  • Documentation of even the smallest change to a project
  • Simplify auditing with change history at the click of a
  • Ease adherence to standards, including FDA 21 CRF 11
  • Replace paper-based documentation systems
  • End-to-end documentation of all manufacturing process
Version management – certainty as to which control program
version is currently approved for use in production
  • Ensure clarity and certainty in production
  • Detect unauthorised changes
  • Keep centralised record of all recipes
Archive manager for long-term archiving of data
  • Automatic documentation of all project data for
    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Fast and dependable disaster recovery strategy
  • Save time thanks to automatic backups
  • Reduce downtime and wastage and prevent costly product callbacks
Centrally-controlled automatic backup of process control systems
  • Reduce costs by clearly organising and safeguarding data
  • Replace laborious and unreliable manual systems with automatic
    change documentation


Customers from the food & beverage industry use versiondog to:

  • Centralise the change management of project data

  • Backup device data automatically

  • Automate documentation and always know WHO changed WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY

  • Ease coordination when operating multiple shifts

  • Quickly modify production processes for product variations

  • Ensure consistent quality

  • Save time and money in all production facilities

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Invest 30 minutes to find out how versiondog can significantly increase safety, certainty and security in your production facility.

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