AUVESY working groups
Together we can shape the future of change management for automation

Dear versiondog user,

Since the inception of AUVESY ten years ago, our versiondog software has continued to go from strength to strength. With over 1000 implemented projects and more than 3 million versiondog managed components, it is little wonder that AUVESY occupies its position as industry standard for change and data management for automation.

As we continue on our journey into a high-tech, networked, automation-based future, we remain committed to developing new solutions, overcoming challenges, and meeting the unique needs and requirements of our customers. In light of this, we have established a platform, the official AUVESY working groups, which enable our customers to share their experiences of working with versiondog, network with other experts, and contribute to the future development of the software.

The working groups feature a range of workshops in which customers show us how they use versiondog in the real world. Participants have the opportunity to learn about planned software developments in versiondog and to put forward their individual wishes and recommendations. In doing so, they help us to determine which versiondog Roadmap features should be prioritised in future releases. It is our aim to cultivate an exchange of expertise between versiondog users and software developers by promoting active discussions in a collaborative and productive environment.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events. Together we can shape the future of change and data management for automation.

Best regards,

Dr. Thorsten Sögding

Please be advised that our working groups will be held in German.
For this reason, the following documents are available only in German: