ACADI Partnership Program

strategic partnership program for manufacturers of automation devices

Over the last 10 years, AUVESY has established itself as a market leader in the field of data management for automation. One key success factor is that versiondog is completely manufacturer independent. The fact that a myriad of different device manufacturers and editors are used in production facilities, presents no problems for versiondog; this software solution allows users to create their own components and SmartCompares and manage all software projects. In order to ensure the long-term, strategic collaboration between device manufacturers and itself, AUVESY has developed the ACADI (AUVESY Certified Automation Device Integration) partnership program.

The ACADI agreement provides certainty for our clients and ensures that their projects will continue to be managed using the versiondog data management system into the future. The partner certification process cements the cooperation and ensures that all parties can look forward to its long-term benefits. The first partners, including COPA-DATA, SICK and GEFASOFT, signed on shortly after this new initiative was introduced.

The aims of the ACADI agreement:

  • The ACADI agreement ensures the exchange of technical information between the parties. Under the terms of the agreement, AUVESY receives current software licences and future updates and upgrades in order to better facilitate further developments made to components and SmartCompare (detailed analysis of differences).
  • The agreement also ensures protection against unauthorised disclosure of confidential information to third parties. The market for process controllers, robots, drives and HMIs is highly competitive; AUVESY is committed to ensuring that data and information from ACADI partners is kept confidential.
  • Use of material such as images, logos, application reports, press releases, brochures and product videos for marketing purposes is strictly regulated; as are business operations such as trade show presentations, specialist articles and case studies.

A word from one of our newest ACADI partners: Reinhard Mayr, COPA-DATA:

“The ACADI partnership program cements our ongoing partnership with AUVESY. Our editor, zenon, with which our HMI terminals are programmed, has its own version management system. But with AUVESY we have a partner who supports our long-term data management strategy.”

How does one become an ACADI Partner?

The ACADI partnership is free of charge for all companies.

Usually new automation devices are integrated into the versiondog system following a customer request. In such instances, AUVESY will approach the manufacturer directly to ask about the possibility of collaboration. However device manufacturers can also initiate contact by getting in touch with Dr. Thorsten Sögding, Head of Business Development.

In order to begin the process of integrating a new device into the versiondog system, all that AUVESY requires is an appropriate licence and a technical contract person from the manufacturer.

Technical basis

At AUVESY, the processes for creating backups and managing versions of programs is the same for all types of devices, whether they be PLCs, HMIs, drives or robots.

In many corporations and production facilities, such as Volkswagen and Daimler, versiondog has become the standard data management software solution in the field of automation.

In order to begin the process of integrating a new device into the versiondog system, all that AUVESY requires is an appropriate licence and a technical contract person from the manufacturer.


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ACADI Partnership Program

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