AUVESY is the global market leader for data management systems and the company behind versiondog, the world's leading version control & data management system for automated production. versiondog provides users with comprehensive support for centralised data management and device backup. Specifically developed for industrial automation and designed to work with all data and automation systems, this solution is acknowledged as the world leader in its field. AUVESY has a wide range of customers across the industrial spectrum who use this version control and change management software to safeguard PLCs, CNCs, SCADAs, HMIs, robots and field devices. versiondog is the go-to solution for safeguarding data and for disaster recovery. All users of AUVESY's versiondog software benefit from greater utilisation of plant capacity and a significant reduction of downtime.

10 years

70 employees

1000 installations

active in 40 countries

3 million versiondog-managed components

Robert Glaser, Karim El Rikabi, Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle, Thomas Hörauf, Dr. Thorsten Sögding and Piet Wissing

Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle


Dr.-Ing. Tim Weckerle started at AUVESY seven years ago in software development. He soon became head of Business Development and Information Development. Today, as CEO and a shareholder, he has overall strategic and operational responsibility for the company.

Karim El Rikabi

Global Sales Director

Karim El Rikabi has held leadership positions with many well-known international corporations specialising in drive technology, machine tools, photo-voltaic systems and robotics. He joined the management team at AUVESY in September 2018 and has overall responsibility for global sales.

Piet Wissing

Authorized Officer

In 2008, Piet Wissing started at AUVESY as a State-Certified Business Administrator. In 2017 he became an Authorized Officer. As a member of the management team, his areas of responsibility are finance, administration, human resources and purchasing.

Thomas Hörauf

VP Global Accounts

Thomas Hörauf is a qualified automation engineer with over 22 years of experience in marketing and in building distribution networks. He has been with AUVESY since 2008. A long-term shareholder, he is responsible for channel management and global accounts.

Robert Glaser

Authorized Officer

Robert Glaser was one of the first three AUVESY employees. From the beginning, he played a significant role in the development of versiondog. Now a shareholder, he is going to spend the next few years in America establishing a US subsidiary of AUVESY.

Dr. Thorsten Sögding

Director Customer Services

Dr. Thorsten Sögding holds a doctorate in chemical engineering. He started at AUVESY in 2015 and is now Director of Customer Services. He is responsible for customer care and quality management and is the driving force behind the AUVESY working groups.



AUVESY's product versiondog is the complete solution for robust version control & change management in automated production. It creates order wherever project data is periodically changed and needs to be made available from a central source. versiondog acts as a keen-eyed watchdog for every bit of your data. Not even the tiniest movement escapes him!

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AUVESY is certified to ISO 9001:2015 (the latest revision), guaranteeing that its quality management system meets the highest standards. During the recent upgrade audit, the company's own product versiondog proved (not for the first time) to be an extremely helpful tool for the auditors. Their job was made considerably easier thanks to clear documentation of changes and the ability to easily compare different versions of specific documents.


The Alliance for Cybersecurity is a Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) initiative founded in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). AUVESY is a participant in the Alliance for Cybersecurity. Our aim is to increase cybersecurity in automated production and strengthen resistance to cyberattacks with the help of our versiondog software. 

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In accordance with a management buyout, the fund Brockhaus Private Equity III has acquired a majority stake in AUVESY GmbH. "In choosing our new
majority shareholder, we have been extremely meticulous: Brockhaus Private Equity enjoys an outstanding reputation as a partner who champions the growth of medium-sized companies," says Werner Schnäbele, AUVESY’s founder. "We are very pleased to have achieved a succession arrangement that will make AUVESY much stronger in both the short and the long run while also being well-suited to our corporate culture."

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AUVESY has implemented over 1000 projects in more than 40 countries for an impressive number of well-known international corporations. Our customers very much appreciate the excellent service, friendly support and practice-oriented advice provided by us and more than 15 distributors.

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AUVESY is actively involved in vocational education, which reflects its strong commitment to further increasing the attractiveness to commerce and industry of Landau and the wider region. Our team comprises over 65 dedicated people who combine high-level technical skills with many years of experience and detailed market knowledge.



When AUVESY was founded in 2007, the starting gun for the development of the data management system versiondog was sounded. Within 2 years the software solution versiondog reached market maturity. The first users of this system included such well-known international companies as Nestlé, Veltins, Continental and BMW. AUVESY has continued to grow steadily and now employs a staff of 65 employees. What began as a start-up company with only 3 employees has since grown to become a market leader in data management and automation. Today AUVESY's comprehensive data management and software solution has been implemented in around 1000 production facilities in more than 40 countries.


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