New custom interface for SAP and versiondog

AUVESY has developed a custom interface for SAP and versiondog. The interface allows users to integrate equipment structures and automate the exchange of data.

ITARICON is the exclusive SAP integration partner for versiondog and will help to support users throughout all stages of implementation: from the initial project preparation, to the creation of prototypes, and the Go-Live and support stages.

The following case applications could be of interest to you:

Comparison of SAP equipment/material with versiondog

Comparing and linking equipment and material created in SAP with the existing components in versiondog.


  • Overview of installed components in versiondog with SAP Bills of Material, to recognize if the required SAP data (master data/inventories) is available for all installed components
  • Overview, if all equipment/material listed on the stock bill is still installed/ in use

Display SAP master data in versiondog

SAP data displayed in the component details when linking components in versiondog


  • Displayed information:
    • Equipment ID, description
    • Functional location
    • Material information about the equipment (ID, description)
    • Sub-equipment and parts lists

Display and analysis of spare parts stocks

By linking a component to SAP equipment, you can display and analyze the respective stocks


  • Detection of missing or insufficient stocks of certain spare parts
  • Detection of unneeded or excessive stocks of certain spare parts

Generation of spare part orders in SAP via versiondog

Generation of spare part orders (purchase requisitions) in SAP via versiondog


  • Manual as well as automated / event-controlled creation of an SAP purchase requisition via versiondog
  • Replacement of manual ordering processes
  • Traceability of the ordering process
  • Consideration of existing processes and authorizations in SAP

Display of existing spare parts orders (purchase requisitions)

Components linked to already existing SAP orders are displayed will all relevant information


  • Avoiding duplicate purchase orders
  • Overview order status
  • Detection of fast or slow rotating spare parts
  • Detection of noticeably high spare parts requirements (predictive maintenance)

Generation of maintenance orders in SAP via versiondog

With versiondog, a traceable maintenance order can be activated without having to swap over to the SAP system


  • Manual creation of an SAP maintenance order
  • Automated / event-controlled generation of an SAP maintenance order
  • Consideration of existing processes and authorizations in SAP

Display of existing maintenance orders

Maintenance orders available in SAP for a linked component and their status can be displayed


  • Avoidance of duplicate orders
  • Overview of order status
  • Detection of unusually high maintenance requirements
  • Display of open orders for personnel disposition

Jump to SAP transaction via UI-Link in versiondog

Using the UI-Link, you can easily go to the SAP transaction in question. You have direct access to a detailed view of the SAP item transaction


  • Detailed view of equipment / purchase requisition / maintenance orders
  • No filtering / restriction to SAP item necessary
  • Consideration of existing authorizations in SAP
  • Linking to other SAP applications can be easily integrated

Do you have a use case, or do you require another solution for this topic?

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SAP Connect – Two Solutions, One Connection

The diagram below displays the new interface for SAP and versiondog and outlines how communication between the two systems occurs. A valuable enhancement to the scope of communication between SAP and the PLC is the ability that this solution provides for SAP to communicate directly with the controller.

One particular benefit of this interface can be seen in the way that it automates system-to-device and device-to-system communications. This reduces the incidence of errors in datasets and allows for the practice of manually transferring master data to be discontinued. It also ensures consistency of the data between versiondog and SAP. This reliable exchange of data between the two systems helps to optimise the workflow of maintenance and frees up resources.


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