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The number of companies who put their trust in versiondog continues to rapidly increase, as it has since the company was founded in 2007. Users benefit greatly from increased productivity, reduced downtime and a complete and comprehensible change history across all their production processes.


Project & version management with versiondog

Working with versiondog is very easy. The video shows the processes of making a change to a project and creating a new version.

versiondog - The Movie

versiondog always knows what's going on in his production plant. He can see straight away when any kind of change is made. That's part of his secret to keeping production going. Downtime? What's that? Keep that organic lemonade flowing...

Data management for industrial automation


versiondog safeguards, backs up, stores, manages and versions project data, device data and process data from programmable industrial devices (PLCs, CNCs, SCADA systems, HMIs and drives) and documents.

Use a single strategy to safeguard all automation system project data and other data types. For example FANUC, 3S CODESYS, Siemens SINUMERIK, ABB Roboter, Siemens SIMATIC STEP 5, Schneider Electric and KUKA Roboter. This allows users to identify and track all (program) changes.

Users also benefit from a single, plant-wide solution that maximises plant availability, minimises downtime and enables fast disaster recovery.

The versiondog system provides the complete package of change management, version control and data backup. With its manufacturer-independent nature, versiondog ensures the widest range of support for automation systems available on the market. By developing interfaces for new devices and integrating new versions of devices that are already supported, versiondog is constantly improving its device integration.

Case studie Warsteiner Group

"Today, it's impossible to imagine working without it. Having a centralised data storage system means that there is a complete change history to which all 60 users have access from whichever department they may be in. Thanks to versiondog, we are able to rapidly localise errors and get the plant back up and running again.“


Dipl.-Ing.Thomas Wenthaus, works in the operative engineering department, Warsteiner Group



Device and editor support

Get an overview of versiondog support for automation devices and development environments.


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